Container Leasing UK

Container Leasing is your turnkey partner for the design and supply of non-standard and special containers. We hold several important patents and have spearheaded the development of innovative European container equipment to meet changing market needs.

Our core range includes 45ft curtain side, pallet wide and refrigerated containers. We are also Europe’s leading supplier of 30ft dry bulk containers. We provide many other specialist designs, including flat racks, open tops, bitumen and lubrication oil tanks, and offer deep expertise for bespoke projects.

The Container Leasing service covers the entire equipment procurement cycle, from design, prototype construction, inspection and testing, through to final delivery of production units to your location. We offer straight purchase and finance for lease purchase deals and also have a fleet of 45ft containers for short and long term operational lease.

Our company is built on a strong foundation of in-house design, engineering and shipping knowledge gained over many decades. As engineers, our guiding principle is to provide clients with the safest and most durable equipment possible. As well as applying stringent design criteria, we personally oversee and inspect at our manufacturers’ premises during prototype construction and testing.

We have personal experience of the operational demands facing our customers and always make it our first priority to really understand your needs. And we like a challenge! However unusual your requirements, whatever your cargo, we will find your solution.

So when you are looking to bring something special to your business, come and talk to us.