45ft Curtainerside pallet wide 45 ft pallet wide

The design of our 45ft Curtainerside pallet wide container is patented worldwide and is a fully intermodal unit that can be top and bottom lifted and stacked up to 6 high. It is designed for use on ship, truck, rail and barge. Like the standard 45ft option, the curtainside container stows up to 33 euro pallets and provides a competitive multimodal alternative to the road trailer.

• Built to the highest standards and quality
• 45ft x 2.55m wide x 9’6 high (other heights available)
• 40ft top lift
• 6 high stacking at 45ft and 3 high stacking at 40ft (fully loaded 34,000kg)
• Tare weight 5740 – 5990kg depending on specification
• Design features to minimize handling damage
• Aluminium drop side gates
• Sliding side posts with plank pockets
• 33 euro pallet stowage
• UIC approved for rail use with rail grapple lift
• Meets EN12642XL approval
• Can be fully loaded from one side
• 85 cu m capacity
• side opening width 12.61 mtrs (over 41ft)
• Can be fitted with a wide range of lashing systems